I looked at the list of video card compatibility for DOS and it seemed like a pretty solid card with overall great results and good VESA support. There definately were BIOS updates. I guess this feature was meant for convenience, but since we all are so used to clicking the Start button, won’t it become redundant? Unlike the TNT2, most Savage4 board manufacturers will be shipping their products at the same time, but if you do happen to come across Diamond’s latest concoction, should you give ‘er a try? I wonder if this is Diamond’s intepretation of saving paper??? TNL is not needed in my case.

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Diamond Stealth III S540 Savage4 Pro

TV-In would be nice although it is not exactly a must. I’m talking that epoxy that holds broken concrete blocks together when a building or structure is damaged and needs a repair. This makes it much newer than the rest of your system, but you know it won’t be a bottleneck at least. Board index All times are UTC. So you may run into some performance limitations that are actually video card stealyh. Installation of the S is basically peanuts like installing any card, simply slide it in and fasten the screw!

At the bottom of the card, near the AGP interface are 3 jumpers. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Well, I did not try plucking the heatsink off the Savage4 chip, but I guess that the heatsink is bonded by the normal paste like grey thermal compound, not like others which are bonded by adhesive so strong they could survive an earthquake intact! So it could be ztealth his earlier system is PCI only. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I’ve yet to find a game that has any issues with it. Last edited by dr.


Diamond Stealth III S 32mb VGA AGP Video Card S3 Savage 4 Pro Vintage | eBay

I am currently searching for an S4pro PCI card to test in a p4 thinclient. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the S40. Thermal Issues Yes, this is one of the most cruicial portions of this review, as seen from the images above, the Steallth sports a heatsink without a fan courtesy of Diamond!

The next most important thing that the S lacks would be a TV-Out function. Also, the card was nicely detected and within several reboots I had the S running benchmarks, proving its ease of setting up!

This time around, armed with the Savage4, and stepping in right as Diamond’s former companion, 3dfx, stepped out, S3 is ready to make amends and get their name back into the eyes of the public. The first thing you would notice about the cards is the lack of a fan. I am interested in using it in a retro gaming PC, but am primarily concerned about getting it to function properly in Windows 3.

You should make sure to have good air flow if you’re gonna run 3D games. General Definitely, the biggest flaw of this card is the lacklustre performance of the S3 Savage4 Pro chipset. Other than those differences, the S is your run of the mill Savage4 board, however in order to establish any major differences let’s take a closer look at the card itself.

I made sure the next one I bought was keyed specifically 5v.

The most simplest way would be to attach a fan by means of screws, you know, re-use those fans that have been sitting in the storeroom since errr It appears that Diamond never offered their own official drivers for the card under that OS. It seems that I have to open one end to get the video card and the other end to the manuals and Steatlh, nothing difficult if the card is yours, since you simply rip open the package, something difficult for me since this is merely a loan!


So why has the Banshee PCI an advice?

Diamond Stealth III S graphics card – Savage4 Pro – 32 MB Overview – CNET

I would offer one to you, sfealth the only one I’m eiamond using is my only backup. They still have plenty of nice and cheap stuff there, but they used to have more. Also, if you’re the type that likes to have old retail boxed hardware, that’s a pretty sweet looking package.

I mean there were tons of them on ebay. Within the huge S box, lies a packet, containing the manuals and the card wrapped in an electrostatic bag divided into 2 levels.

Diamond 28030530-001 Stealth III S540 AGP 32mb

I looked at the list of video card compatibility for DOS and it seemed like a pretty solid card with overall great results and good VESA support. Right clicking on any part of the desktop brings up Diamond’s own menu, an eyesore really, considering the iiii in between the menu loading, compared to the generic Windows 98!

N9 made one using the S4 LT chip, I own one.

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